New York: Day & Night

New York, the big city, was always Gotham City for me, a place of freedom.  The photographs reproduced here were made over a period of some 30 years: 1950’s to the 80’s and again 2016.

A World of Portraits

What interests me in a portrait is the presence of the person in front of me.  My goal is to capture a unique personality in a particular moment, to allow the viewer to encounter the individual beyond the pose.

Gone to the Country

I wanted to capture small town life; the simplicity, the natural beauty, and the soft quiet of the people, as well as that melancholy isolation that is often evident in small towns. 

Mexican Photographs

The images were made between 1966-71 and 1974. My work focuses on capturing the evocative beauty of landscapes, the dignified life of the nation’s Indians, and the quirky happenstance of incongruous objects and symbols.

Water's Edge

These images were made on different continents over more than  20 years.  This portfolio of images intended to connect to our emotions, to elicit a sense of wonder, to find solace, a renewal of energy that we are all connected to the infinite.

England and Scotland

Traveling repeatedly to the British Isles where I enjoyed greatly the splendid reserve and wit of the British, their landscapes and places of magic such as Stonehenge–and almost any field or garden.  

Journey to Egypt

I explored Egypt in 1978 the rarely visited people of the countryside, the all-dominating Nile and the miraculous ruins and the desert beyond.  I found Egypt mysterious as if time stood still, as if time is a place. 

Journey to Morocco

These images of Morocco were the result of 2 trips, in 1977 and in 1987.  Places in Morocco were filled with an intense play of light, sometimes a dazzling coolness, other times with a scorching heat.

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