"To create a photograph means that one seizes hold of reality; to look at a photograph means that one easily becomes acquainted with the world, a world which seems deprived of its most problematic and least controllable dimension, that of movement and transformation."
"Larry Siegel’s photographs combine a happy intuition with a perfect technique, this was clear to everyone present. His works calls for careful attention, it is not enough to quickly pass the eyes over them."
"Siegel’s images are a collection of life’s observation. The expression “all over the map” comes to mind, but in a good sense. The photographs are remembrances of travels past, glmpses of light and shadow, that caught the photographer’s eye."
"Between abstractions and realism, Siegel builds a bridge at once invisible and at the same time concrete through which he makes his incursions, lively without preconceptions, never cautious, on the inaccuracies, contradictions, transient appearances and varied apparitions of the real."
“Larry Siegel photographs objects, faces, figures, and everything that moves around him.”
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